Rick Rubin, Flying Lotus & More Team Up For ‘Stars Wars’ Themed Electronic Music Compilation

Just when you thought the pop culture behemoth that is Star Wars was finally going back into hibernation for a couple of months at least, it has roused itself for one more swipe at the public consciousness, this time extending its cross promotional reach into the world of electronic music. That’s right, Stars Wars just got a club album and we are pretty excited.

Overseen by none other than Rick Rubin, the compilation album is titled Star Wars Headspace and is set to feature original tracks from high profile artists that use sounds sampled from the films. And while this certainly had the potential to end in nothing but tarnished memories and damaged ear drums, Jedi Master Rubin has done a great job selecting his musical Padawans with the results speaking to his meticulous curation.

West coast beat magician Flying Lotus is of course on there, his characteristic electronic sound making him the perfect choice to handle the R2-D2 sampling duties on R2 Where R U? Meanwhile Baauer, the genius behind the Harlem Shake, tries his hand at flipping the iconic Cantina music from A New Hope and even incorporating Darth Vader’s wheeze into the breakdown.

Rubin himself has even come out of the woodwork for the album contributing an original of his own called NR-G7.

Premiered on Apple Beats 1 Radio along with Baauer and Fly Lo’s tracks, you can listen to all three here. The album itself due for release on February 19th, we also have the full tracklist below.

Star Wars Headspace Tracklist

  1. Kaskade – “C-3P0’s Plight”
  2. GTA – “Help Me!”
  3. TroyBoi – “Force”
  4. Baauer – “Cantina Boys”
  5. Shag Kava – “Jabba Flow: Rick Rubin Re-work” (Feat. A-Trak)
  6. Claude VonStroke – “R2 Knows” (Feat. Barry Drift)
  7. Rick Rubin – “NR-G7″
  8. Bonobo – “Ghomrassen”
  9. Röyksopp – “Bounty Hunters”
  10. ATTLAS – “Sunset Over Manaan”
  11. Flying Lotus – “R2 Where R U?”
  12. Shlomo – “Druid Caravan Of Smoke”
  13. Rustie – “EWOK PUMPP”
  14. Galantis – “Scruffy-Looking Nerfherder”
  15. Breakbot – “Star Tripper”


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