New Better Call Saul Season 2 Promo Video Puts Jimmy At The Crossroads

Better Call Saul has the unique distinction of being one of the funniest dramas on TV, and a train wreck in slow motion. Because this show is a prequel to Breaking Bad, we know how it’s going to end for Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk). We know the terrible fate awaiting Mike Ehrmantraut, a man whose family means everything to him. But nothing can change those outcomes. The past is simply prologue.

One of the bigger surprises of this series is the way that the man who will become Saul, Jimmy McGill was such an endearing character in the first season. Sure, Jimmy has the demeanor of a huckster and the skills of a con artist, but he’s also a gifted lawyer who would have done anything to win the approval of his older brother, Chuck (Michael McKean).

Unfortunately for Jimmy, Chuck doesn’t seem to feel that same level of love. Late in the first season, it was revealed that Chuck looks down on his brother and he actively sabotaged the biggest opportunity of Jimmy’s career. Now the bond between the brothers is broken, and Jimmy has cut Chuck loose. More alarmingly, Jimmy is trying to cut his morality loose as well.

The newest promo for Better Call Saul season 2 neatly sums up the possible directions of Jimmy’s life. One way leads to a safe future, while another path leads to hardship and pain. But Jimmy is just going to go in his own direction…and that may be even more dangerous!

Better Call Saul season 2 will premiere on Monday, February 15.

Photo Credit: AMC/Sony Pictures TV