Stephen Colbert Mocks Sarah Palin’s Endorsement of Donald Trump

The 2016 Presidential election cycle is easily the most bizarre U.S. political story in recent memory. A lot of that comes down to Donald Trump, whom everyone initially thought would quickly fade away after a series of gaffes. The smart money was on Trump self-destructing or simply getting bored with the political process. There were even a few times when it looked like Trump was on the ropes.

Yet Trump is still going, and he has a legitimate shot at the Republican nomination. Let that sink in for a minute. This week, Trump was endorsed by Sarah Palin, the woman who essentially paved the way for the businessman turned reality TV show personality to seize control of the campaign trail. And if you thought that Trump’s speeches were incoherent, Stephen Colbert is here to remind you that nobody tosses a word salad quite like Sarah Palin.

In this clip from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, nobody is more excited about Palin’s return than Colbert himself! While even Trump looks embarrassed to be standing next to Palin, Colbert mockingly treats Palin like a rockstar who is covering all of her old hits. Palin also added a few remixes to her favorite things to say, including “Wearing political correctness like a suicide vest!” and the instant classic “Right-winging bitter clingin’ proud clingers of our guns our god and our religion and our…Constitution!”

It’s almost enough to make you feel sorry for Trump…almost. Colbert’s response was to co-opt Palin’s erratic speech patterns for his own endorsement…of every Presidential candidate!

Photo Credit: CBS