Xavier Dolan Calls Out Netflix For Changing Aspect Ratio Of Mommy

Canada’s golden boy of directing, Xavier Dolan, has publicly criticized streaming service Netflix for changing the aspect ratio of his film Mommy.

In a scene where a certain film ratio was used to add emphasis, the 1:1 square is changed to 1:85.

In a letter he posted on Twitter to Netflix UK, Dolan wrote, “Who has bestowed on you the right to revise my choices, and how competently have you pondered the impact of such decision both on my film and the public. You did not direct this movie. You did not write this movie. You did not produce this movie. So can anyone or anything expect me warrant the liberty you took upon my work? No. You can crop and tweak your own shows if you want, but don’t touch my film. Take it as it is, or remove it.” 

Netflix did respond to Dolan’s letter, with a short and sweet message that said, “Hi Xavier, thank you for letting us know. We are looking into this.”

Photo: WENN.com