The Worst Musical Moments of 2015: 13 Music Memories We’d Like to Forget

With 2015 on the way out the door, the internet is currently drowning in “Best Of” lists recapping every shining accomplishment and subjective appreciation the year had to offer. And while we’ve enjoyed looking back at the Best Albums of 2015, there’s also a grotesquely rancid pop-culture underbelly to all the hype and froth.

As our obsession with beating the same buzzword horse into a puddle of TMZ-brand glue edges ever closer to outright fetishism, we’ve been helped along the way by a few completely inescapable cultural phenomenons – ones which, for better or worse, will be the defining milestones of one weird-ass year in music. 

Crave has compiled the year’s worst offenders, the stories and celebrities we’d love to collectively put in a box and shoot into space, in our list of 2015 Music Memories We’d Like to Forget.