The B-Movies Podcast #254 | The Best Films of 2015

52 weeks, hundreds of movie reviews. The time has come to pick the best of the best. This week on Crave’s long-running series The B-Movies Podcast, movie critics William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold present their picks for the best films of 2015. It’s a cavalcade of quality motion pictures that moved Bibbs and Witney to tears, forced them to think long and hard about their lives, and sometimes just plain kicked their asses.

So listen up as The B-Movies Podcast presents weirdo art house movies nobody ever heard of, giant blockbusters that everybody loved, and every damned thing in between. The best films of 2015 deserve a whole episode to themselves, and if you think nothing good came out this year – and especially if you think you’ve seen it all – this is the episode for you.

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What films made both Bibbs and Witney’s lists? Find out by listening to The B-Movies Podcast #254: The Best Films of 2015! Follow us on Twitter at @BMoviesPodcast, email us at [email protected] with your thoughts, questions and suggestions, and please subscribe on iTunes for more exclusive movie news, reviews, interviews, commentary tracks and whatnot!

Photo: Warner Bros.

William Bibbiani (everyone calls him ‘Bibbs’) is Crave’s film content editor and critic. You can hear him every week on The B-Movies Podcast and watch him on the weekly YouTube series Most Craved and What the Flick. Follow his rantings on Twitter at @WilliamBibbiani.