Exclusive Video | What Josh Brolin Didn’t Originally Get About Sicario

Sicario turned out to be one of the most interesting and unexpected dramas of 2015. The film, directed by Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners), tells the story of an FBI agent (Emily Blunt) who gets roped into the a plot to destabilize a violent drug ring, which may or may not be an illegal operation by the American government. The film’s complex moral quandaries are represented in large part by Oscar-nominated actor Josh Brolin (Milk), who plays a government agent whose plans and scruples are a mystery that must be solved.

It’s a memorable character and an excellent performance, and Josh Brolin didn’t entirely understand him at first. That’s what we learn in this exclusive clip from Sicario, in which Brolin takes you inside a character whose attitude seems to be completely at odds with his beliefs. This clip is part of the special features on the home video release of Denis Villeneuve’s film, arrives on Digital HD on Tuesday, December 22 and on Blu-ray and DVD on January 5, 2016.

Check out the clip, learn more about the film, and check out Sicario when it hits home video!

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Sicario Blu-ray

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