Vin Diesel May Bring Riddick To Television

The Fast & The Furious franchise turned Vin Diesel into one of the most in-demand action stars in Hollywood. However, his passion project is still the Chronicles of Riddick, which is based on the character Richard B. Riddick that Diesel originated in the film Pitch Black 15 years ago. Diesel has reprised his role as Riddick in The Chronicles of Riddick in 2004, and Riddick in 2013. While Diesel has recently teased a fourth Riddick movie, the future of the franchise may include TV as well.

According to The Wrap. Diesel and his One Race Productions have reached development deal with Universal Television. And the first project on the agenda is a television series that takes place in the Chronicles of Riddick universe.

“I have dreamt about expanding the One Race brand into television and now we’ve found the perfect creative partners in Bob, Jen and the team at Universal Television,” said Diesel in a statement.

The proposed Riddick TV series would potentially follow bounty hunters and further flesh out the worlds created by Diesel and director David Twohy. There is no indication that Diesel has any intent in starring in the Riddick adjacent TV series, but it would probably be a good idea if he went that route. If Diesel were to offer a Riddick limited series to HBO, Netflix, or another premium cable network or streaming service, then it would be considered a major event and help keep his franchise alive.

The truth is that the Riddick films aren’t nearly as popular as Diesel’s Fast & Furious movies, which is one of the reasons that only three Riddick films have been produced to date. Perhaps television is a better home for that universe.
That said, Diesel is still talking about a fourth Riddick movie called Furia, which may also tell the origin of Riddick. That project doesn’t currently have a start date or any other firm details lined up.

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Photo Credit: Universal Pictures/Entertainment One