Dive Deep Into the Daring Stunts of ‘Point Break’

On Christmas Day, Warner Bros. and Alcon Entertainment’s high-octane blockbuster Point Break hits theatres in 2D and 3D. Point Break follows FBI agent Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey) as he goes undercover to infiltrate a team of thrill-seeking athletes led by the Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez), who are suspected of a rash crimes across the globe.

To sell his cover as one of these athletes on a quest to complete the “Osaki 8”, Utah must compete in a series of events of extreme and daring athleticism such as motocrossing through the sand dunes of Swingarm City, surfing along the massive waves of Teahupoʻo reef, wingsuit flying across “The Crack” in Walenstadt, Switzerland, and many more. Never before in a film have such feats been performed, with some taking up to two weeks of shooting to get the footage.

Learn more about Point Break by checking out the video above and each behind-the-scenes featurette below highlighting some of the most death-defying stunts and stunning locations featured in the film.

Point Break is inspired by the 1991 classic of the same name, and releases in theaters this Christmas in 2D and 3D. Find your breaking point. #PointBreak

Wingsuit flying through “The Crack”

Motocross mayhem in Swingarm City, Utah

Surf action in Teahupoʻo, Tahiti

Snowboarding in the Italian Alps


[Photo Credit: Point Break Facebook]