Daily Planet Presents “High-Tech Toys Week” December 7-11

Go go gadget Christmas! Everything high-tech is back as Daily Planet reveals out-of-this-world, mind-blowing, and ingenious gadgets and gear just in time for the holidays with its most anticipated annual theme week, “High-Tech Toys Week,” airing Monday, December 7-11 at 7pm on Discovery.

Daily Planet co-hosts Ziya Tong and Dan Riskin track down (and play with) the most technologically advanced and buzzed-about toys on the planet.

Be it a $28,000 Batman-inspired golf cart, a flying R2-D2 in honour of Star Wars, or a four-metre humanoid robot, these high-tech toys are among the most sought-after big ticket items of the 2015 holiday season. Daily Planet scours the world to find the most elite and modern gadgets on the planet – and some of the most expensive – including a deluxe submarine starting at $3.5 million and a $28,500 watch using components sourced by the U.S. Aerospace Industry.

Highlights from Daily Planet’s “High-Tech Toys Week” include:

“Gotham Golf Cart”

Inventor Marc Irvin is helping golfers hit the links in style with a $28,000 “Batmobile”  inspired by the Tumbler – the vehicle driven by Batman throughout the Dark Knight movie series. Irvin has just finished building his latest and greatest Gotham Golf Cart, and Daily Planet is behind the scenes as he takes it to the links for the first time.


The Seabreacher is the ultimate high-tech toy and diving machine. Part submarine, part sea creature, it can ride waves like nothing before it. Daily Planet joins in on the action as the team tests their latest model – one that can do barrel rolls and extreme stunts.

“Flying R2-D2”  

Otto Dieffenbach, a master drone builder, assembles the most impressive remote-controlled flying creations. From a flying Superman to a flying witch, Dieffenbach’s wonders turn heads when they take to the sky. His latest? A flying R2-D2 in honour of the upcoming seventh installment of the iconic Star Wars series. As it soars into the skies of San Diego, R2-D2 is joined by Daily Planet to discover whether the design can hold its own after leaving the ground.

“Mannen Caravan”

Ah, the man cave! A safe place for buddies to hang out and get away from the stresses of everyday life, complete with a half-eaten bag of chips and a 15-year-old mini fridge. But what if the bros want to literally get away from it all? Invented in the Netherlands, the man cave on wheels lets “bros” take their “bro time” to places beyond the basement… big screen and all!