VICELAND, New All-Canadian Channel, Coming From VICE And Rogers

VICE and Rogers recently announced their plans to rollout a new all-Canadian channel called VICELAND, which will take to the air waves in Winter 2016.

VICE stated on their website that they plan on producing ten original Canadian series for VICELAND, in partnership with Rogers, which cover the gamut of investigative documentaries, travel, food, film, and entertainment storytelling. They said: “Spike Jonze has been working with us on the new channel and he said it best, ‘It feels like most channels are just a collection of shows. We wanted VICELAND to be different, to feel like everything on there has a reason to exist and a strong point of view. Our mission with the channel is not that different from what our mission is as a company: It’s us trying to understand the world we live in by producing pieces about things we’re curious about, or confused about, or that we think are funny.'”

VICE and Rogers announced a $100-million partnership deal a year ago, and now they’re showing what their big plans are. VICE posted a trailer on their website – you can see it here.