Meet The Female Bodybuilder With No Legs

Tatsiana Khvitsko has been making headlines over the last several months because of what she’s done without legs. The truth is, she’s done more over the past year than most of us have in our lifetime.

Khvitsko was born with only four fingers and no legs after exposure to radiation in the womb following the Chernobyl disaster. Despite the challenges dealt to her, the 24-year-old continues to blow people away with her achievements.


#ThrowBackThursday to my previous competitions!!! Cannot wait to do more!! @teamsomeassemblyrequired #crossfit #halfmarathon #figurecompetition

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Not only does Khvitsko run regularly, but now she’s taking on bodybuilding. Not bad for a girl who was abandoned at an orphanage at age six where she learned to walk on her knees.

There’s a full detailed piece from the DailyMail here. But in a nutshell, she’s possibly the most inspiring athlete currently making headlines, even being featured in Runner’s World.


Getting more comfortable with flipping tires!

Khvitsko was born in Belarus but has now spent a considerable time in Kansas City after being flown in to meet with doctors to be fitted with prosthetics. Lately it’s been full steam ahead for the athlete: half marathons, crossfit and bodybuilding competitions.

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What have you done today?

Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.

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