Viral Video: Japanese Swordsman Slices 100 MPH Fastball In Half

Isao Machii is a badass Japanese master swordsman who holds a variety of ridiculous Guinness World Records. However his latest feat might be the most impressive captured on camera.

It’s hard enough to hit a Major League fastball traveling at 100 miles per hour. How about splitting one in half with a sword?

For Machii, it’s no problemo.

Yup. Sliced it in half faster than you can say Nintendo.

The radar gun in the video confirmed the pitch was clocked at 100 mph, but as you can see, we both know it doesn’t matter. That ball was coming in blazin’ and Machii sliced it within a blink of an eye.

I hope this guy makes a living showing off his mad sword skills … a body guard … Samurai actor … SOMETHING. Because this guy is phenomenal and we all know you can’t get rich slicing leather in half at the speed of light. Can you?


Josh Helmuth is the editor of CraveOnline Sports.