Rare Reveals Concept Video for Unreleased Conker’s Bad Fur Day Sequel

Rare has released a concept video that outlines an unannounced and cancelled Conker’s Bad Fur Day sequel, titled Conker: Gettin’ Medieval.

The game, as suggested by its title, featured a Middle Ages theme and would have followed the release of the Bad Fur Day Xbox remake, Conker: Live and Reloaded. According to its designers, the game would have focused upon multiplayer rather than the platforming gameplay of its N64 predecessor, similar to Live and Reloaded‘s online component. However, Gettin’ Medieval would have also allowed for co-operative play, and would have featured Death as main character with Conker only making a small cameo appearance.

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Despite many finding it to be an underwhelming successor to Bad Fur Day, Live and Reloaded still managed to cultivate a large following of players who embraced its online mode, with it routinely being among the most played games on Xbox Live following its release. It looked as though Gettin’ Medieval was intended to capitalize on this, though it was scrapped prematurely with only a logo and a selection of character art to show for it.

Check out Rare discussing the canned game below:

Many have called for Rare to revive the Conker series, but since Conker: Live and Reloaded the mascot has only been seen in the developer’s Rare Replay collection and as DLC in the Xbox One’s Project Spark.

Speaking of Project Spark, today it was announced that Microsoft will transform it into a free to play game, and as such the planned Conker DLC pack Conker’s Big Reunion has been cancelled. Some Conker DLC had previously made it into the game, though Big Reunion was set to be a more comprehensive offering. Hopefully Rare will eventually return to the franchise with their very own game, and we’ll finally get to see a true successor to Live and Reloaded in the near future.