The 15 Most Anticipated TV Shows of Fall 2015

Photo Credit: NBC/Sony Pictures Television.

FX’s John Landgraf recently stated that there’s “too much TV.” Respectfully, we disagree.

Ten years ago, original programming on cable hadn’t reached its current heights. And streaming services like Netflix and Amazon didn’t even exist. That environment allowed the broadcast networks to continue to flourish… but things are different now. Viewers have a much greater selection of shows that they can watch, and there’s no going back. And why would anyone want to go back?! This is TV’s new golden age and we’re living in it.

While TV is now programmed year round, the Fall still has the largest number of new and returning shows. If you can’t find a television show to get excited about then you just aren’t trying hard enough. There are still plenty of standard TV cop dramas, medical dramas, legal dramas, and primetime soap operas…if that’s what you want. But for fans who want a little more horror in their TV, The Walking Dead will be back next month and Ash vs. Evil Dead is coming soon. Fox’s music drama Empire revitalized the network last spring, and new episodes will begin this week. For action, NBC has The Player and The CW has its superhero dramas lined up for new seasons. HBO and FX are also bringing out new seasons of The Leftovers and Fargo, respectively; both of which will be strong contenders for the best dramas of the year.

Ahead of the programming onslaught, CraveOnline has assembled a list of 15 Most Anticipated TV Shows of Fall 2015. Remember, these are just our picks and your taste may vary. But feel free to share your most anticipated Fall 2015 TV shows in the comment section below!