Exclusive | This All-New ‘No Escape’ Poster Breaks Out

In order to survive, all you have to do is keep ten steps ahead, but that’s hard as hell in the new thriller No Escape, which stars Owen Wilson (Midnight in Paris) and Lake Bell (In a World…) as parents who just moved to a new country the day before a violent coup d’état. Now, hunted by practically everyone in sight, and completely isolated in an unfamiliar city, these poor bastards must do everything in their power to survive.

As challenging as the politics of No Escape may be, and as shocking as the violence does get, it’s another impressive thriller from The Brothers Dowdle, who just last year wrote and directed the largely misunderstood but highly entertaining supernatural thriller As Above, So Below. Here again they have a film that looks like one thing – a straight-up political thriller – and actually plays like another. This is a non-stop nightmare. It’s as scary as anything you’re likely to see this year, and as such, it deserves a classy poster all its own.

That’s why we’re proud to present this exclusive new graphic poster for No Escape, right here at Crave. It’s a striking design for a striking film, and you can see it in even higher-definition right here

So check out this gorgeous new poster, come back next week for exclusive interviews with Owen Wilson, Lake Bell and The Brothers Dowdle, and check out No Escape in theaters next Wednesday, August 26. 

No Escape Poster Small

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