BBC Radio DJ Suspended After Making Sexist Comments About Breastfeeding

Image Credit: Monashee Alonso / Getty Images

BBC Radio Solent DJ Alex Dyke has been suspended by the broadcaster after making some pretty bloody stupid comments regarding breastfeeding during his show. 

Along with branding breastfeeding “unnatural” and adding that “formula milk is just as good,” Dyke also said that only “librarian-type, moustachioed” women breastfeed in public and that men who do not oppose women doing so are “wimps,” because apparently every man should wander around being terrified of seeing a rogue nipple.

Regulatory body Ofcom has confirmed that it received 14 complaints regarding Alex Dyke’s comments, though a petition has suggested that many more were offended by his lunk-headed opinions, with over 10,000 people having backed the call for the BBC to fire him from his position at the station. The recording of the broadcast was available to view on BBC’s iPlayer, though it appears that the broadcaster has removed it from their website following the controversy.


DJ Alex Dyke. (Image Credit: BBC)

As if his comments couldn’t have been any more inflammatory, Dyke then defended himself by saying: “My point was fat chavvy mums with their boobs out on buses isn’t a good look. A classy discreet mum is absolutely fine.” 

You heard it here first, mothers – if you want to breastfeed, you must first consult with this local BBC radio DJ in order to decide whether or not it is acceptable for you to do so.

Dyke’s career with the BBC now hangs in the balance, with a spokesperson for the broadcaster saying: “Following unacceptable comments made on air yesterday, Alex Dyke has been suspended pending an investigation, so he will not be on air tomorrow.”