Lollapalooza Photos: Father John Misty Feels The Vibrations

Josh Tillman looked visibly something. Whether it was hungover or sleep-deprived remains a mystery. Perhaps that apparent lack of lucidity is what led to the steady flow of comical, sarcastic candor that Father John Misty wove into a tight one-hour mid-day set at the Palladia stage during a beautiful Day One at Lollapalooza 2015.

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The Father’s brand of gloomy incantations is seemingly ill suited for festivals. He makes more sense in the dark. But he made the best of it. He goaded the audience constantly, trying to tease the sunbeat swell into life. “Sorry, my voice is gone. It’s depressing. I’m depressed” he jested before spinning to “you’re all on ecstasy anyway, so what does it matter.” 

There are dichotomies to Tillman’s onstage persona. He’s aggressive in his sensitivity, a variance that was evident during set opener “I Love You Honeybear”. “Shh…my feelings” he later taunted. His indifference is intentional. Never was this more evident than when he shrugged his shoulders and sneered with perceived disinterest during a crushingly intimate “Bored In The U.S.A.”

He donned the electric and graced the audience with an emphatic “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” before closing out the bewildering yet gripping one hour set.