Beats Per Minute: Running Playlist to Get Your Heart Pumping to the Beat

Oh, you wanna get your act together? You’re gonna go running, you say. You’re gonna get in shape and make it happen. For all their supplemental benefits, all the Fitbits and protein powders in the world won’t give you that crucial fire in your veins, a momentum of spirit that drives you to go further, push harder, give more of yourself to the grind.

If you’re gonna do it, you need to do it right. The good news: Crave’s got your secret-weapon soundtrack covered with an adrenaline-fueled playlist with a high BPM to set a good, hard pace for yourself through the duration of your run. This one’s not for the casual joggers who spend more time looking at the girls at Lululemon than actually putting rubber on the road. Here are fourteen tracks to keep your inner fires lit as you push for that extra mile or ten. 


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