Watch Some Super-Confused Kids React To The Original iPod

Images: YouTube / Fine Brothers Entertainment

Images: YouTube / Fine Brothers Entertainment


The original, first generation, brick-like Apple iPod was one of the first devices to shrink music down so that it could fit in your pocket, but its ground-breaking technologies are now taken for granted by even the youngest of tech users.

To prove that point, the crew at Fine Brothers Entertainment have put the very first iPod into the hands of some typical school-age kids, and their reactions are sure to make just about anybody feel old.

In a fitting partner for their Kids React To Old Computers video, Fine Brothers’ iPod kid-test sees their squad of seven-to-13-year-olds, who academics like to call ‘digital natives’, spend some quality time with the original iPod.

On first glance, a girl by the name of Brooke-Monae says what the rest of her generation has probably thought at one point in time: “Oh my gosh it’s not a touchscreen! This iPod is sooo last week.”

Even with their bewildered reactions, some of the kids figure out what the device is by looking at its shiny back and finding the strange word “iPod”. Others say its “an old phone”, while one even thinks it might be a technological relic that’s older than her parents.

Catch the kids’ reactions and their brutally honest advice for today’s adults, below.

The original iPod is long-gone, but Apple recently refreshed its iPod line with a new iPod Touch and some new colours across the Touch, Nano and Shuffle lines as well.