Paul Rudd Pranks Conan O’Brien Again WIth Fake Ant-Man Clip

Ant-Man Conan

Paul Rudd and late night host Conan O’Brien have a long-running gag, wherein Rudd will bring a clip from his new movie… but it will actually turn out to be a video from the ‘80s movie, Mac and Me, which O’Brien accurately describes as a “terrible ET rip-off.”

And yet he neglected to mention the film’s gratuitous cameo by Ronald McDonald!

This time, Rudd came on O’Brien’s TBS talk show, Conan, and ran a preview scene from Marvel’s Ant-Man in which his character, Scott Lang becomes more familiar with the ants at his command. And inevitably, Mac and Me shows up not once, but twice!

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Of course, O’Brien is in on the gag with Rudd, but it doesn’t make it any less funny to watch him pout when it happens again and again.

In fact, here’s a look back at Rudd’s previous Mac and Me pranks on O’Brien’s talk shows.

Ant-Man is out in theaters today.