Kendrick’s Video For ‘Alright’ is a Masterpiece

It’s deep in the middle of the night, I’ve got deadlines deep in the red-zone and I’m two thousand miles from home – but this takes priority tonight. Kendrick Lamar‘s video for “Alright” is a downright masterpiece, an extended version of the track aiding the visual narrative and encapsulating the sociopolitical tensions around police aggression in our time.

Kendrick is the gravitationally-challenged centerpiece in the video, where between doing sick-whip donuts in the parking lot as a kid throws handfuls of cash out the window he crowdsurfs, levitates down the street and stands atop a major Los Angeles intersection streetlight near the Staples Center.  

Check out a collection of screenshots we’ve pulled from the video for future reference, when we’re looking back on the video of the year. Yeah, I’m calling it now. Cash in your chips, bitches. Also, to avoid a full spoilerfest we won’t give away the ending entirely, but not all is what it seems:




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