Move Over, Kanye: Lionel Richie Attracted the Biggest Crowd of Glastonbury 2015


Despite Kanye West’s proclamation that he’s the “greatest living rock star” during his headline performance at Glastonbury 2015, Lionel Richie commanded the biggest audience of the entire festival during its “dad slot” on Sunday. 

Richie, who increasingly looks like a Madame Tussaud’s waxwork version of himself, or a more jovial Colonel Gaddafi, acknowledged the size of the crowd during his performance, asking: “What the hell is going on?” 

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Playing a broad selection of his hits, ranging from ‘All Night Long’ to ‘Three Times a Lady’ and ‘Hello,’ Richie managed to garner the biggest audience of all three of the festival’s headliners, outshining Florence And The Machine, Kanye and The Who, who headed up the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the three-day event respectively.


Lionel Richie attracted a huge audience.

However, not everyone was happy about Richie’s performance. In the YouTube comments section of his performance, Matthew Bull wrote: “This bloke Lionel richtea is a talentless wanker. He had produced some of the most banal shit music ever. These cunts in the crowd are so drugged up they don’t know who he is anyway. Fuck off richtea.”

So eloquent. Despite Bull not being much of a fan of his, Richie seemed to have the huge crowd on his side throughout the duration of his performance.

Check out his rendition of ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’ below:

Photo: Getty Images