Watch Aussie NBA Stars In This Weird And Hilarious ’80s Music Parody

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube


The 2015 NBA playoffs are just around the corner, but four players from the reigning champion San Antonio Spurs have taken time out to star in a perfectly cringe-worthy ’80s music video parody.

The clip, which is the debut video from Spuran Spuran (not the greatest pun, guys), features Aussie ballers Patty Mills (pictured) and Aron Baynes, glamming it up alongside teammates Matt Bonner and Kawhi Leonard.

Spuran Spuran’s debut track, the creatively-titled Spurs!, is a very slight “remix” of Tim and Eric’s ’80s throwback track, Sports. Much like the original, Spurs! is more about the vibe than the lyrics; “Spurs!” is the only word uttered in the whole song.

The track’s pretty intense music video (below) features some crazy-fast cuts, some insane keytar solos from Mills and Baynes, strong bass work from Bonner and some pretty on-point percussion from Leonard.

Baynes manages to channel a complicated Ace Frehley/Robert Smith/David Bowie vibe throughout the video, which takes viewers through some of the things the Spurs are best at, including “positive reinforcement”, “smile proliferation”, “sphere bounce” and “nutrient preparation”. The video closes with a behind-the-scenes clip of Mills in full glam-rock mode, which is oddly convincing.

The Spurs! video was produced, directed and edited by Bonner, who might just have a little too much time on his hands right now. Sadly, the much-loved Spurs trio of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker sat this one out.

Watch the Spurs! video below, alongside a pretty great behind-the-scenes clip of Spuran Spuran discussing their many musical influences.

Watch: Spuran Spuran – Spurs!

Watch: Spuran Spuran – Behind The Scenes