T In The Park Festival Nearly Brought to its Knees by Nesting Birds

T In The Park 2015 was nearly over before it had even began as the festival site was overwhelmed by ospreys attempting to nest within its boundaries.

Ospreys are a protected species of bird, and after video footage emerged of them moving into the bounds of the Perthshire festival’s site, there were concerns that organisers would be forced to move its location elsewhere. However, ticketholders’ worries have now been assuaged as it has been confirmed that the festival will go ahead in the same location, with organisers and RPSB Scotland pledging that they shall work together to ensure the safety of the birds across the weekend in which the festival will take place.

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The festival’s relocation to Scotland is still yet to be officially confirmed, though T In The Park’s organisers are evidently confident that the plans to host it in the picturesque surroundings of Strathallan Castle will go ahead. Locals have been keen to trash the idea of the music event taking place in its new location, and the revelation that ospreys, which are protected by law, were using the site to nest threw another spanner in the works. 

Here’s an osprey looking to ruin someone’s fun.

RSPB Scotland called the police to the prospective festival site when they were shown video footage of the ospreys attempting to nest. Speaking to The Courier, a spokesperson for the wildlife charity said: “We were sent some video footage showing an osprey landing at the old nest at the Strathallan Castle estate. We have no means of authenticating it, but neither do we doubt that it is legitimate. If this is the case, the nest becomes active and the cherry picker must be removed as it is an offence to cause a disturbance at the nest under wildlife legislation as it is a protected species.

“As a result, we have contacted the police to have the cherry picker removed, so they are aware of it. As the nest is close to the planned site of the festival there are risks of it being disturbed. T in the Park will have to revise their plans because of this.”

The festival, which will take place across the weekend of Friday, July 10th, will include Kasabian, The Libertines and Noel Gallagher as headliners. It has not yet been confirmed whether or not the ospreys will be performing a set.

Photo: Getty Images