370 Million PlayStation Consoles Have Been Sold Since December 1994

Since 1994 PlayStation has been a top-selling brand in the console space. During that time it has earned itself a wealth of fans, and accumulated the most sales of any brand of its kind.

User ZhugeEX on NeoGAF has put together a data from Sony’s fiscal year reports which demonstrate just how successful Sony has been with PlayStation during the past 20 years. The conclusion that the data shows is that the PlayStation brand has sold over 370 million consoles to-date. That includes four consoles, from the PlayStation 1 that started it all, to the PlayStation 4 which has captivated gamers worldwide.

Each console is responsible for roughly the following number of sales:

  • PlayStation 1 – 102+ million
  • PlayStation 2 – 155+ million
  • PlayStation 3 – 87+ million
  • PlayStation 4 – 20+ million

The PlayStation (1994) and PlayStation 2 (2000) rank as the two best-selling consoles in history, and the top four of any gaming device which includes the Nintendo DS (2004) and Game Boy (1989).

To understand just how monumental these sales are you need to look at how PlayStation compares against the competition. Let’s put it this way, despite Sony entering the industry when Nintendo already had a 100 million units sold and 11 year lead with its NES and SNES, Sony now stands at 95 million units sold higher than Nintendo.

Below is how they stack up according to ZhugeEX‘s compilation of fiscal report data:

Xbox Home Console Shipments = 122.8 million

Nintendo Home Console Shipments = 275 million

Sony Home Console Shipments = 370 million

This number is only going to grow for the next few years. The PlayStation 4 is currently a best-selling console on the market by a sizable margin and is moving toward what are usually the most productive sales years of a console’s life thanks to price drops and increasing quality of software. It isn’t out of the question that Sony could 450 million by the time this generation is said and done.


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