SXSW 2015 | Interview: Action Bronson on Blunts, Poutine and The Art of Not Giving a Fuck

They were climbing over the walls to get in. CraveOnline’s SXSW showcase last weekend found revelers lining the rain-soaked street outside the Vulcan Gas Company all day long as they struggled for space to catch the wild dynamics of Action BronsonDoomtreeSmallpoolsIrontom and The Black Cadillacs. 

While the day was a killer continuation of Crave’s recurring tradition of throwing outrageously badass SXSW parties, it was the final moments of headliner Action Bronson’s set, however, that are laser-etched on the mind in a manner not unlike assassinations and lost virginities; a cinematic blaze of Scorsese glory (not that tired Stones documentary shit – we’re talkin’ prime) too perfect to be real.

Each song was celebrated like a home-game overtime triumph, each track of new material greeted like an arena banger. At the end of a riotous run through sensational new jam “Easy Rider,” the man led the crowd in the repeated closing line: “Ride the Harley into the sunset” as motorcycle sounds blasted through the PA. When the chant-along hit full unison, Bronson tossed the mic over his shoulder in a hilariously obnoxious arc, and with right hand raised in a throttling motion stepped offstage and into the crowd. A trail of blunt smoke followed the double-wide superstar locomotive as he moved to and through the exit with what seemed like the whole venue in tow. He rolled round the corner and up the block, leading a throng of fans in a victory lap down 5th ave to the roaring chant of “Bronson! Bronson!”

Before this too-perfect-for-reality finale, we caught Mr. Wonderful himself backstage for an enlightening talk about the power of poutine, the  importance of supporting art you love and more.

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Deepest thanks to TuneCore, Swisher Sweets, Mirrored Media, LANDR, and Vulcan Gas Company!