Steam Machines Storefront Debuts on Steam, Includes 15 Options


In case you didn’t hear, Steam Machines is set to debut in November of this year. It’s a move that Valve has been planning for numerous years, and its push in the living room space is soon to be here.

A Steam Machines store is now available on Steam which showcases the 15 member line-up. From the storefront you can view the price of each device, an image, as well as their specs. Several of the offerings have multiple tiers, allowing you to customize a rig to the class of your liking. If you have a lot of money to spend you can walk away with a future-proof monster that’ll play everything you throw at it.

What immediately becomes clear is that Steam Machines isn’t necessarily an affordable option. Prices are through the roof, and in many cases higher than what you’d see from a custom build gaming PC. Some are already speculating that Valve will drive down prices by a respectable margin during its holiday sales to push units, but that won’t be confirmed at least until Holiday season of this year.

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Among the offerings is the Alienware Steam Machine. It’s long been revered for its dashing looks, and starting at $479.99 it comes with an i3 processor, 4GB of memory, and an undefined Nvidia GPU with 2GB of GDDR5. At that price it’s a decent buy, but once again the prices are inflated a bit from what you could get with a custom built. Judging by the prices it’s difficult to see who these machines will be marketed toward, especially given that many PC gamers including myself have just invested in the almighty GeForce GTX 970.

You can see the full list of Steam Machines on the store here. Let us know which ones you have your eyes on.