Watch Popular Twitch Streamer Summit1g Receive a Shocking $30k Donation


You’ve heard of livestreaming, and you’ve probably even watched one. But what you may not know is that if done well it can be a serious form of income.

One of the most popular livestreamers is Summit1g, a 27-year old with over 570,000 followers who used to compete professionally in Counter-Strike, but now focuses on streaming the game, an option that in many cases is a more dependable form of income.

While subscriber ($2.50 per subscriber per month) and ad revenue is considered the major form of income for livestreamers, there’s one area that can be even more fruitful: donations. Charismatic livestreamers have a tendency to earn many fans that enjoy watching them play, and engaging with them. Some of these fans have disposable income, and show their appreciation by donating through PayPal, sometimes in unimaginable quantities.

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Summit1g has received many donations in his day, some totaling at over $1,000. But his greatest donation yet was received yesterday during a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive livestream where he earned $30,000 from a user by the name of Infamous3x. You can see him speechlessly react below:

It’s important to note that donations can be canceled, and in some cases that does happen, such as when Sodapoppin’s $21,000 donation was rescinded. Though, judging by Summit1g’s reaction and his years of personal experience with donations, it appears that this particular donation is legit.