The 21-Year-Old Who Was Screwed Over by Peter Molyneux and Godus Speaks Out

You may remember the Curiosity Cube, a mobile game released back in 2013 by game designer Peter Molyneux that, Molyneux stated, would prove to be “life-changing” for the individual who “completed” it. The game revolved around endlessly tapping on a cube, removing its pieces until there was nothing left. Many people took part, but on May 26th, 2013, Scottish 18-year-old Bryan Henderson was the person to tap upon the last piece of the cube, with him then being informed by Molyneux and his development team 22Cans that he was to be crowned the “God of Gods” of his upcoming game Godus, and would receive a cut of the money that the game would generate.

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Fast-forward to 2015 and the development of Godus is slowing down, with the game leaving its Kickstarter backers with unfulfilled promises, an absent multiplayer made and still no role for Bryan, who has now spoken to Eurogamer about how Molyneux and 22Cans seemed to forget about his proposed involvement with the game.

Though Bryan was brought to the developer’s Guildford studios and was allowed to play with a rough copy of the game, which is still being sold on Steam Early Access despite Molyneux having this week revealed that it would be unable to match expectations and that he’d already began to focus upon another upcoming game, he eventually found that the company ceased all contact with him.

Peter Molyneux has admitted that Godus is failing to live up to the expectations he set for it.

“After a month or two of winning, I would email them every month, purely because I expected more communication from them, but it wasn’t happening,” the now-21-year-old told Eurogamer. “I would ask, so, what’s happening? When am I going to find out more stuff? What’s going to happen, specifically? They were taking their time to answer. They would say, we need to do this first and tell you afterwards.

“Since I won and a year after, I would email them as a ritual thing, every month, just to get some kind of update. Eventually I was like, they’re not being professional at all. Communication is non-existent, so I’m not even going to try any more.”

Though Molyneux claimed that the team are currently working on the combat aspect of the game that is integral to the implementation of the God of Gods, it’s looking more and more unlikely that its multiplayer Hubworld will ever be introduced to the game, which is also crucial to Bryan’s promised appearance in the game. Though Bryan says he remains “hopeful” that Molyneux and the rest of the team will pull through and at least partially make good on their agreement, at this point it seems likely that it’s naive optimism.

You can watch the Godus community update, in which Peter Molyneux discusses his struggles with matching the promises outlined in the game’s Kickstarter campaign, below:


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