Sony Head Teases The Last Guardian… Again

“Where is The Last Guardian?” ranks alongside “what is the meaning of life?” and “why on Earth did I drink so much last night?” as one of the most frequently asked questions in the modern world. The elusive game from the minds behind Ico and Shadow of the Colossus has been on our radar for as long as we can remember, but after being absent from the past couple of E3s and information regarding its alleged continued development light on the ground, we’re reaching Duke Nukem Forever levels of disappointment.

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At this point in time, a Sony employee simply referencing the game is the most information we’ll likely receive about it in the next few months, but the fact that its former development head Yasuhide Kobayashi seemingly went out of his way to discuss it seem a little odd, considering Sony have only been willing to talk about it when questioned by eager fans of Team Ico’s previous output.

According to Crave’s Game Revolution, during this weekend’s Tokaigi 2015 event in Japan, Kobayashi was asked to write down a few of his favorite words, a tradition in the country which sees celebrities writing down the words on their mind at the moment. Teasingly, Kobayashi wrote down “The Last Guardian,” and now the rumor mill has started back up again.

Sony has maintained the stance that the game is still in development, and if that is the case it has undoubtedly shifted to a PS4 release. We haven’t heard any new information regarding the game in years, though, so don’t hold your breath for any new details to emerge about the game this year, either.

Kobayashi could potentially be hinting that some progress has been made on the game, or he could simply be sending us through a loop. At this point, we’d have to assume it’s the latter.


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