Ubisoft Banning Game Codes Sold By Third-Party Sellers Such As G2A

Ubisoft has angered some of its customers after reports began to circulate that the company was banning sales of its games through third-party retailers, effectively revoking their digital download codes and ensuring that even though consumers had purchased these games, they were still unable to play them.

Considering the poor year Ubisoft had in 2014, it’s been exceptionally easy for the finger of blame to be pointed at them, though in this instance it isn’t the publisher/developer’s fault that the games are being banned. The complaints that have been leveled at the company on its forums state that games such as Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed Unity have been pulled from their libraries when purchased from sites such as G2A.com, which Ubisoft has gone on record to say are “unauthorized sellers” of their products. As such, the problem lies at G2A’s feet, not Ubisoft’s.

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Taking to the forums to address the issue, an Ubisoft community manager said in response to those effected: “If you wish to know why a code is revoked – your retailer should be able to answer and supply a new code or a refund.

“G2A is not an official reseller of Ubisoft Codes – and as such, Ubisoft does not supply them directly – so we have no control over codes they may obtain via different methods.”

The community manager continued: “Your retailer should always be the point of contact for things like this – since it’s a product they sold, even though Ubisoft has revoked the key, they are responsible for providing it.

“As already posted – they are not an official reseller, so I can’t offer you any other advice apart from speaking to them directly – they will be able to tell you why the keys are revoked.”

While this is no doubt an unfortunate situation for those who have found themselves out of pocket here, G2A is most definitely the company that should be contacted in this scenario, not Ubisoft. According to a Reddit user, the retailer is “staying loyal to its customers” and is offering full refunds once the proper information is submitted to them.

If you use G2A, then you should steer clear of all Ubisoft products when buying from the site.