NPD December 2014: Xbox One Was “Best-Selling Console During November and December”


NPD Group has published its software sales chart for December 2014, and along with that have come several press releases offering insight into what the state of affairs are for all three current-generation consoles.

According to Microsoft, the Xbox One was the best-selling hardware during December. Equally as important, it was responsible for more software sold than any other platform. The only multiplatform game to sell more software on PS4 than Xbox One during the month was Far Cry 4.

Sony’s press release pointed toward a successful year where it managed to sell through 18.5 million units worldwide in 14 months, a record for PlayStation.

Cumulatively, Xbox One and PS4 sold 2.33 million units during the month. Exact figures for each console are presently unknown, though.

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No matter which console flavor you’re into, you should be happy to hear that overall hardware sales were up 20% year over year. So, any buzz about consoles not having a future should be quelled for the time being.

On the software front, there aren’t many surprises, except for maybe the fact that Minecraft is still selling like hotcakes. Super Smash Bros. did manage to make the list despite only being on two platforms, indicating strong success for Nintendo during the month.

1. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

2. Grand Theft Auto V

3. Madden NFL 15

4. Super Smash Bros.

5. NBA 2K15

6. Minecraft

7. Far Cry 4

8. Just Dance 2015

9. Destiny

10. FIFA 15

As a result of the success of the temporary price drop of the Xbox One, Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One will once again be sold for $349 starting tomorrow. It’s unclear how long the “special price” will last.