Florence and The Machine New Album Nearly Finished?


Florence and The Machine‘s forthcoming third album is reportedly rounding the final bend of preparation, according to a fansite-posted photo showing the new LP being mixed in a recording studio.

Earlier this year, operatically gifted chanteuse Florence Welch confirmed that she was working on a third Florence and The Machine album, the first since 2011’s Ceremonials. We’ve been passing the time with her amazing cover of Johnny Cash’s “Jackson” alongside Josh Homme of Queens of The Stone Age, but now it looks as if our patience is about to pay off.

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Fan site Florence and The Machine Army posted the photo over the weekend, with the title of the record being hidden by a sharpie pen. The photo has since been removed, but nothing ever dies on the internet:

Florence album

Florence and The Machine are due to play a number of European festivals this summer, with an American return expected sometime in 2015. 

Top photo: Johnny Firecloud