The Best and Worst Recent Gaming DLC and Microtransactions


Downloadable content (DLC) has come a long way. Believe it or not, the first DLC ever found on home consoles was for the Sega Dreamcast, although it wasn’t until the release of the Xbox and its robust Xbox Live network that it would gain mainstream attention. 

Since those simpler times, publishers have invested millions in trying to find ways to make extra money from each game sold. Remember, MSRP for video games has been $59.99 for more than 10 years despite the constant inflation of the U.S. Dollar. Instead of opting for a higher price point, publishers have turned to post-release. Sometimes that works favorably for both parties, but certainly not all the time.

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We’ve seen both the best and worst of DLC during the past couple years. In the gallery below, we go over some of the highlights and lowlights of post-purchase content.