Sub Pop Accidentally Leaks Sleater-Kinney’s New Album ‘No Cities To Love’

Legendary Seattle-based label Sup Pop is in a tough spot today after accidentally leaking Sleater-Kinney‘s highly anticipated new record No Cities to Love yesterday (December 22). An advanced stream of the band’s first new album in a decade, which is due out on January 20, was erroneously emailed to customers who had preordered it. 

It was an unintended early Christmas gift, and Sub Pop has since pulled the stream. But as with all things internet, once the proverbial cat’s out of the bag, there’s no putting it back in.

Sub Pop issued a follow-up email to customers after the stream-leak mistake, with a humorous edge: 

Hello Mega Mart Customers Who Have Pre-Ordered the New Sleater-Kinney Album! 

Please accept our apologies for adding April Fools’ to the already overlong list of holidays celebrated in December. When you pre-ordered the Sleater-Kinney album No Cities to Love from our website, you may have read that an advance stream of the album would be made available today, December 22. 

While we have every intention of giving you early access to that stream, the truth is we made an error in granting that access today. We wish we could blame an elite squad of foreign hackers bent on disrupting our meticulously planned release but the truth is we just messed up. We hope you enjoyed your brief holiday taste of this incredible album. We look forward to sharing this album stream with you again on a more permanent basis on January 13. 

Thanks and Happy Holidays! 

The Sub Pop Mega Mart 




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