Soul Mates’ Kiwi Assassins Go Retro In ‘Cover Fire’ Video

Kiwi Assasins

Roger Blade and Terry Thinge, aka the “Kiwi Assassins” in new ABC 2 series Soul Mates, are Nick Boshier and Christiaan Van Vuuren.  The pair, of Bondi Hipsters fame, have now released the ’80s throwback music video for new single, Cover Fire.

Featuring footage from Soul Mates, the montage clip (below) sees Blade and Thinge shooting, driving, spying and loving their way through cases, in their typically suave and always composed style of course.

In a press release written by the “New Zealand Munustry of Difunse” and published by the ABC, Blade and Thinge are described as “Kiwi Secret Agents” deployed in Australia behind enemy lines. Blade was reportedly chosen for his rugby-playing skills, while Thinge was recruited after working as a possum exterminator.

As the New Zealand Munustry of Difunse note, Cover Fire was recorded before the pair left New Zealand, and was designed to bring the two men close together – to allow them to become each other’s Cover Fire.

Cover Fire is all about standing together, being willing to die for one another,” the Munustry of Difunse have said. They have also, interestingly, explained that the song and its timeless music video will hopefully unite Kiwis so they can “take back what is rightfully there’s from those ruggedly good-looking Australians”.

We’ll take the compliment, Kiwis, but we are never giving back Pavlova, nor Russell Crowe.

Catch Kiwi Assassins’ Cover Fire music video, below. The song is now available now via iTunes.

Watch: Kiwi Assassins – Cover Fire