Flying Lotus Unveils Unreleased Kendrick Lamar Collab Track


Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar teamed up previously on “Never Catch Me” (the video for which features zombie kids stealing a hearse to go joyriding) but another collaboration between the two has just surfaced, and it’s arguably better than what we’ve heard come from the duo’s previous joint effort.

K-Dot contributed a verse to “Eyes Above,” but it didn’t make Flying Lotus’ album You’re Dead! for “political reasons”. FlyLo hasn’t been shy about the track, however, playing it at shows, albeit without Lamar’s verse. But during a show in D.C. on Thursday, he unleashed the hotly anticipated goods. Check out Kendrick’s breathless, aggressive verse below.

“There’s actually another track that he did on this album that I had to take off for political reasons, but it was a really cool thing,” Flying Lotus told Pitchfork of “Eyes Above.” “He came to the house and laid it down and killed it. He didn’t come with no entourage or nothing. It was real special to me.”

Further praising the hottest rapper alive, FlyLo continued: “I appreciate that space when I can sit with the artist and really see how their genius works, and Kendrick is that guy. He’s a visionary thinker. Every time he raps on a song, he raps like I wish I could.”

Catch Kendrick on this week’s SNL. Here’s a bonus clip of him riding Woody Harrelson’s back. No, we’re not kidding.