Ouija: Ana Coto & Bianca Santos Interview (Video)

It’s just a game… or is it? The horror movie Ouija takes the popular board game from Hasbro (and not, as William Bibbiani claims in this video, from Mattel) and uses it as a gateway to terror. Ouija boards are used to speak with the dead, but what happens when the dead actually talk back? What happens when they’re pissed off? And what happens if movie star Ana Coto was secretly the one pushing the planchette around the board all along?

Yes, as we learn in this CraveOnline exclusive video interview, Ana Coto, the co-star of Ouija, was that person in high school who made the Ouija board tell you whatever she wanted. She claims she wasn’t mean-spirited about her spirit board shenanigans, but CraveOnline has its doubts.


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Meanwhile, her co-star Bianca Santos claims she never used one herself because of the Ouija board’s long-standing reputation as a tool of the occult. Bianca Santos and Ana Coto tell us all about the real history of spirit boards!

Watch the exclusive video and watch the new horror film Ouija when it hits theaters on October 24, 2014.

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