Landmark 10,000 Closed Beta Key Giveaway!


If you’re on the hunt for an ambitious MMO, look no further than Landmark. As just one major component of the highly anticipated EverQuest Next, offering a powerful editor to allow players to create and share content, it’s deserving of attention. Instead of reading about what others think about it, why not try it out for yourself?

Sony Online Entertainment has given us 10,000 Landmark Closed Beta keys to giveaway. Instead of making you jump through hoops like some other sites, we’re just going to allow you click a button and take one. Simple, right?

Grab your key below and then proceed to the instructions.

Redemption Instructions

1. Copy your key from the above applet.

2. Visit the official Landmark website and paste your key into the field under ‘Have a promotional key?’ on the right side.

3. If you don’t have a Station Account, you’ll need to create one at this point, and the website should guide you through the process. Otherwise, you’ll tie your code to your already existing account.

4. Game client download instructions will be provided after your code has been linked to your account. If you can’t find it, a link can be found under your Station account on the official Landmark website.

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You’re all set to play Landmark‘s Closed Beta. Enjoy!