Driveclub’s Full List of 50 Cars Revealed, Missing Tons of Favorites Like GTR, Corvette and Lamborghini


Gamers have been talking a lot about Forza Horizon 2 lately following the release of its demo, but there’s another very special racer that’s similarly only a few weeks away. That game is Driveclub, and it’s unarguably the most beautiful racer of the year.

Driveclub is more about the detail than the numbers. As seen by early footage, each of its cars and tracks are the most heavily detailed that gaming has ever seen. Running at 1080p, it’s quite the accomplishment by Evolution Studios, the same team responsible for the Motorstorm series. As a side effect of that attention to detail, the variety has been impacted. There are only a few tracks with several variations each, and more importantly the car list only fits 50. So, when you look at the car list you’ll definitely find a few cars you’re interested in, but some iconic vehicles that have become standard in games like Need for Speed, Forza, and Gran Turismo are missing.

Director Paul Rustchynsky has confirmed the full list of cars coming to Driveclub on Twitter. NeoGAF user Nerix has kindly created an easy-to-read spreadsheet with all the cars listed in their specific categories. You can see it below:


Some cars missing include the Bugatti Veyron, the entire Lamborghini Lineup, Chevrolet Corvette, and every Japanese car ever made (i.e Nissan GTR, Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline). This might pose a problem to the game’s long-term playability when you consider there isn’t much variety in gameplay, either.

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Nonetheless, each of the cars that have made it into the game have been immaculately detailed. The cockpit view is one of the best I’ve ever experienced due to the quality of interior livery, and whipping by some of the most beautiful cars on the planet in the rain in crisp 1080p brings a smile to the face.