Wembley Stadium Will Host the Euro 2020 Final


Wembley Stadium has been chosen to host the Euro 2020 final and semi-finals.

The 90,000 capacity London stadium competed against the Allianz Arena to host the event, but the Munich stadium has only been chosen to host one one quarter-final match and three group matches.

The announcement was made by UEFA president Michel Platini on Friday (September 19th), as the organisation plans to celebrate 60 years of the tournament by staging matches in a number of different European locations, rather than hosting it in one particular country.

The 51 matches of Euro 2020 will take place in the following European cities:

Final & semi-finals:

London (England)

Quarter-final and group games:

Baku (Azerbaijan)

Munich (Germany)

Rome (Italy)

St Petersburg (Russia)

Round of 16 tie and group games:

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Bilbao (Spain)

Bucharest (Romania)

Budapest (Hungary)

Brussels (Belgium)

Copenhagen (Denmark)

Dublin (Ireland)

Glasgow (Scotland)

Photo: Getty Images