A Reunited Atreyu Promise New Music is ‘F*cking Blistering’


Recently reunited California crushers Atreyu are getting back into action at next weekend’s Monster Energy Aftershock Festival, where they’ll play alongside Mastodon, Rob Zombie, Rise Against and many more. 

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As the band eyes a massive reunion tour, drummer Brandon Saller tells Music Feeds that their “reincarnation” has resulted in some tremendously good studio experience, and fans should expect a blistering sonic surprise in the very near future.

“It’s a total reincarnation of our band. It’s fucking heavy as can be, aggressive as can be and is definitely a punch in the face of heavy music in general,” Saller told Mike Hohnen for an upcoming episode of Music Feeds Podcast. “It’s fucking blistering. We’re fucking stoked.”

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As for their upcoming Aftershock set, Saller shares his enthusiasm for the rock fest: “We are thrilled to be playing Aftershock this year. As our first major performance in years, I think the rowdy California festival crowd will be a great welcome back. We’re looking forward to tearing that motherfucker down.”