P.T. Official Website Suggests that Silent Hills is a Long Way Away from Release


P.T., the playable teaser for the upcoming Silent Hills game, has received an official website which includes some job listings that suggest the game could be a long way from release.

P.T. was released with little fanfare onto the PlayStation Store, with the survival-horror demo eventually revealing itself to be a teaser for a Silent Hill game developed by Hideo Kojima in partnership with director Guillermo del Toro. Though Kojima has spoken about the teaser, there have been no other clues given regarding the type of game Silent Hills will be, nor when the Metal Gear series creator is planning to release it.

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However, information gathered from P.T.’s official website suggests that development may barely be underway. At the bottom of the site is a link to available job roles within Kojima Productions, the development company that is working on Silent Hills. These job listings are extensive, ranging from programmers of the game’s engine, to level designs, to CG designers in the developer’s Tokyo studio, and senior game designers, concept artists and animators in its LA studio.

Browsing through the myriad of available job roles suggests that Silent Hills is far from release, as Kojima Productions is reaching out to hire senior staff in almost every department. Other than that, the only real hint as to what will be included in the game is that there will be weapons and boss battles, with the listing for one of the available jobs stating that the successful candidate will be in charge of “creation of required specifications for planning player action, required specifications creation of weapons, boss battle events, required specifications and creation of AI directing behavior.” 

So looks like weaponry and boss battles are in, then, for anyone who was worried that the game would go down the route of Amnesia and leave you completely powerless against your enemies.

Other than these clues, the only other content featured on the site are a selection of screenshots and reaction videos of people playing P.T. Not much to go on, but hey, at least it’s something.