EXCLUSIVE: Behind the Scenes of the Heavenly Sword Movie Featuring Fringe’s Anna Torv

It’s been nearly seven years since the world last saw Heavenly Sword. Next Tuesday that changes with the release of a video game to film adaptation. 

We have an exclusive behind the scenes trailer for Heavenly Sword featuring Fringe star Anna Torv, who is the voice actress for protagonist Nariko. In this never before seen video, Torv and two other members of the team explain who Nariko is, and what makes her a deeply interesting character. There’s also footage from the movie shown, including a fierce battle between Nariko and the forces of King Bohan. You can see the trailer above.

Heavenly Sword closely follows the narrative of 2007’s PlayStation 3 exclusive, a game that was considered one of the system’s best games at the time, selling over one million copies in eight months. Similar to the game, Nariko becomes responsible for delivering a long-guarded magical sword to its rightful owner. Along the way she must equip the legendary weapon to slay the foes that oppose her, leading to spectacular battles.

This film resembles that of the game, as it’s been a goal since the first day of production to retain the authentic look and feel of Heavenly Sword. However, it will star three new voice actors which include the previously mentioned Anna Torv (Fringe), as well as Alfred Molina (Spider-man 2) and Thomas Jane (The Mist), all three of which have extensive experience in the film industry.

Heavenly Sword will release in both physical and digital format on September 2nd, offered by retailers including Amazon and Walmart. Below you can see the front of the Blu-ray and DVD packaging.