Artist of The Month: LP Dissolves The Miles on Poignant ‘Tokyo Sunrise’


With a diminutive presence that defies her booming, soulful delivery, LP has picked a perfectly fitting accompaniment in the ukulele. Serving as a simple root for her kaleidoscopically complex and captivating voice, the little four-string also provides balance in the depths of lyrical spirit LP brings to the table on her latest record. Produced by Grammy winner and Warner Bros. Records chairman Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Dave Matthews Band), her new album Forever For Now brings a no-bullshit attitude to an open-hearted storyteller’s charm for a completely captivating listening experience. Pick it up on iTunes.

After providing the launchpad to stardom for a number of other artists, the skyrocketing songwriter has outgrown her role as the woman you’ve never heard of but whose work you know by heart. The New York native has written hits for Rihanna (“Cheers”) and Christina Aguilera (“Beautiful People”), among others, and is now shifting her focus to a rapidly-rooting solo career. 

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Crave caught up with LP at Swing House studios in Los Angeles for our latest Band of The Month installment, where she tore through a highlight run of original material before sitting down for a deeper look at the making of Forever For Now. The powerful first taste of her CraveOnstage session, “Free To Love,” kept us coming back all week, and she followed with a soaring yet delicate take on the reflective “Your Town” and the utterly haunting melody of “Forever For Now”.

Now check out the final installment of our Artist of The Month session with LP, a missed-connection dose of longing on a track called “Tokyo Sunrise,” exclusively on Crave:  


Keep up with LP on Facebook and her official site, and grab Forever For Now on iTunes