Rita Ora’s Reaction to Nicki Minaj’s VMA ‘Anaconda’ Performance Goes Viral

Rita Ora’s stunned reaction to Nicki Minaj’s performance of ‘Anaconda’ at the MTV VMAs has gone viral.

As Minaj did what Minaj usually does (see: butt-jiggling) onstage at the event, the camera cut to Rita Ora who appeared to be in a state of shock.

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Watch the Vine video of her reaction, which has been looped over 2 million times since the VMAs went live yesterday, below:

Nicki Minaj found herself appearing in another highlight from the awards show after Usher, who appeared to be incapable of controlling himself whilst positioned next to Nicki’s self-proclaimed “fat ass,” hit her with a little bump ‘n’ spank. Very subtle, Usher.

Last week, Rita Ora stormed out of an incredibly awkward interview with the Associated Press after she was questioned over her split with Calvin Harris, and how that would impact upon the material recorded for her upcoming album, which Harris produced. You can watch that interview here.

Photo: Getty Images


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