Jack White’s ‘Lazaretto’ is Best-Selling Vinyl in 20 Years


Jack White by Johnny Firecloud

Jack White, the Willy Wonka of Rock n’ Roll, is on an unprecedented winning streak since the release of his latest album, Lazaretto. Perhaps the most vocal proponent of vinyl records, the Third Man Records honcho will undoubtedly be thrilled to learn that his album is the best-selling piece of vinyl in two decades. 

Review: Lazaretto is a Rorschach of The Soul

According to Billboard, the album has sold 60,000 units thus far on vinyl, the biggest single-year vinyl sales since Pearl Jam released Vitalogy in 1994. Lazaretto has sold a total of 238,000 units across all platforms to date.

The Lazaretto vinyl is a musical amusement park in itself, packed with oddball tech and quirks including tracks hidden under the label, a reverse groove pattern guiding the needle from the center of the record outward, a hologram within the vinyl, dual-groove technology and much more.

Photo: Johnny Firecloud