Valve Reveals New Steam Controller with Added Analog Stick


Valve has unveiled a new version of its Steam controller, and it seems the company has opted to add an analog stick into the mix.

When Steam revealed the first design of the Steam controller, it featured two trackpads and no analogs. While this was no doubt an interesting choice, some felt that the option of an analog stick was necessary given that’s what those who use controllers to play games are accustomed to. Steam seemingly agreed with those people, and have therefore decided to implement analog control into the third design of its upcoming controller.

Valve Reveals New Steam Controller with Added Analog Stick

The first design of the Steam controller. The touchscreen in the center was dropped in January in favor of face buttons.

Note that the new Steam controller, unveiled by SteamDB, features face buttons that are marked Y, B, X and A, the same as that of the Xbox 360 controller, which many PC gamers use as their many control method outside of the keyboard/mouse combination. It remains to be seen whether or not the Steam controller can topple Microsoft, but if any company can do it, it’s Valve.