Prepare to Feel Old: Kids Today Find the Game Boy “Boring”

In the latest ‘Kids React To’ video, a bunch of kids are given a Game Boy and are asked to give their opinion on the old-school Nintendo handheld.

We know that they’re only children, but it’s difficult to not get a little bit frustrated hearing them slam one of the greatest consoles of all time whilst simultaneously praising the iPad. Yes, iPads are fun, too, but these kids are seriously of the belief that Cut the Rope and Angry Birds are more fun than Tetris and Pokemon Red/Blue? Get outta here.

More frustrating is watching them trying to turn the handheld on. Surely these kids have access to DS’s that also require a cartridge to be inserted and a power button to be pressed? How is turning on a Game Boy so much more different and baffling?

It is my belief that these children should be taken out of school immediately and given a brief history of technology that isn’t operated by touchscreens and made by Apple. That would ensure that people like myself don’t suffer an aneurysm whilst watching them berate our childhood memories.